Hello, my name is

Cooper McVay

I'm a Full-Stack Software Developer

About Me

Software Developer

Hello! I'm Cooper McVay and currently attending Base Camp Coding Academy in Water Valley, MS. Technology sparked my interest about 5 years ago when I decided to build my first computer. Since then, it's been a long learning journey that has lead me to Base Camp. Everyday at Base Camp sparks creativity in my mind and software development is an outlet for me to scratch that itch. In my free time I enjoy cooking and being out in nature, as well as spending time with my loved ones and my dog, Blu.

My Skills

Python Development

For my python unit project, my team and I built a interactive property manager for users that includes features like purchasing a home, leasing the home out, saving tenant information, and more.

See the property manager!

HTML & CSS Development

One of the first websites I built using HTML & CSS was my fictional dog charity site based on my dog blu. It utilizes basic anchor tags to see our location, a nav bar that allows the user to see a donate page, and info boxes for the user to learn about the charities cause.

See the Charity Website!

Django Development

As part of my module work for our Django Unit, we learned about template inheritance and using python functions to display information on a HTML page. This project uses loops interacting with the Django Framework to show roster info and the description of that era.

See my Grizz website!

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